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Since she became known thanks to Operación Triunfo 2017, Aitana has been consecrated as one of the most important artists of the current national music scene. A multifaceted artist who dares with everything, from the pop sound, to ballads that make the hair stand on end, the urban sound and, of course, through the most rock influences.

Because, in addition to great solo songs, such as Ni una más (dedicated to the victims of gender violence), 11 razones or Con la miel en los labios, if there is something in which Aitana stands out in an impressive way is the great list of artists with whom she has collaborated since she left the academy of OT, in which there are many international artists and some of the most admired of our country.

It was his debut single and, as of today, it has more than 101 million views on YouTube. Almost nothing! It takes the gold medal and its video clip became the most viewed in our country in the first 24 hours uploaded.


In this gala of Operación Triunfo, the judges evaluated the contestants’ trajectory by giving them a score (from 5 to 10). With the results, a ranking was made and the three students with the best marks were directly qualified for the final. The teaching staff, led by Noemí Galera, chose the fourth finalist from among the three students with the worst results.[1] The extra program was a review of the contestant’s career.

The extra program was a review of some moments of the season interspersed with images not seen until now by the viewers.[6] A selection of the best performances of the edition were sung.[7][8][9]

Operación triunfo 2017

Más tarde, la cantante publicó un extended play, Tráiler, en noviembre de 2018, que volvió a ocupar el primer puesto en las listas de su país[2] Su álbum de estudio debut, Spoiler, se publicó en junio de 2019 y recibió una nominación a los Grammy Latinos como Mejor Álbum Vocal Pop. La gira de conciertos que lo acompañó visitó muchos recintos cerrados en España y fue grabada para el video del álbum Play Tour: En Directo. Posteriormente, Aitana colaboró con artistas internacionales como Morat, David Bisbal y Katy Perry[3] A finales de 2020 lanzó su segundo álbum 11 Razones. De él salieron los singles «+» con Cali y El Dandee y «Corazón Sin Vida» con Sebastián Yatra[4].

A lo largo de su carrera, Aitana ha ganado dos Premios Odeón, cinco Los40 Music Awards, un Radio Disney Music Award y un Kids’ Choice Award, entre muchos otros[5][6] También ha sido nominada a dos Premios Grammy Latinos, incluyendo el de Mejor Artista Revelación, y a dos MTV Europe Music Awards[7][8].

En 2017, terminó el bachillerato y fue admitida para estudiar diseño en la universidad al año siguiente. Tras cursar selectividad, acudió a la Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid, donde se celebraban las audiciones de Operación Triunfo. Tras las pruebas, fue seleccionada para la novena serie del concurso[13].

I try to forget you aitana

On July 1, 2021 began the musical tour 11 Razones Tour, with more than thirty concerts scheduled, which is due to end on December 7 at the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid.[122] After announcing these dates, she managed to sell out tickets in seven cities before the premiere of the tour.[123] In addition, she received good reviews from the specialized press.[124][125][126] Teresa Almendros of the Diario de Cádiz described her tour and her presence on stage as: «Aitana turns everything she touches into gold. With that humility that characterizes her, in spite of her fulgurating success, she faces every challenge with hard work and tenacity, and that in the end is noticeable on stage.»[127]

«At the beginning of September I had laryngitis, which is not something very strong, but the problem is that my vocal cords became inflamed and I had to cancel concerts and postpone four others. Yesterday, after three weeks, I returned to Seville and I really wanted to come back. In fact my doctor and my phoniatrist told me that I was not able to return, because when you have laryngitis for the spoken voice is fine, but to sing you have inflamed or irritated cords. I have to cancel today’s concert in Cadiz, I feel terrible, but unfortunately I have to cancel some concerts… I do not want anyone to think that I am not responsible, every day I warm up, I take care of my voice, but I cannot force the situation or make it worse.»[194]