Frases bonitas de amor y amistad

short love and friendship phrases

A friendship phrase «Un pienso en ti» Today we can show our friends how important they are in our life. Today we could surprise them with nice congratulation phrases, because it doesn’t need to be Friend’s Day to show them our love.

Friends should always be in our hearts, we should praise their friendship on a daily basis and we should especially celebrate «Friend’s Day» when it is celebrated in our country. In addition, the United Nations General Assembly resolved on April 27, 2011, to invite all member countries to celebrate International Friendship Day every July 30.

The center of the universe is the sun… the center of a friend’s heart is in my heart. It is a treasure chest, a treasure full of love, joy and flower petals… They are of many colors, pink, yellow, blue, and one of them is your friendship – Camila Gónzalez, -Chile

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In Frases de la Vida we have so far elaborated different compilations of love phrases (from romantic movies, especially for shy people, that reflect on eternal love, etc.), on the one hand, and friendship phrases, on the other. However, we want to clarify that these are two feelings that go hand in hand and that, mistakenly, we conceive separately more than we should. That is why, on this occasion, to honor the union that exists between both manifestations, we want to offer you a selection of love and friendship phrases that will surely comfort your soul.

When there is this simultaneity between love and friendship, the people involved in such a relationship can not only consider themselves lucky, but should be aware of their luck and work together to remain unwavering in the face of external difficulties. The love and friendship quotes below reflect on the blurred line between the two concepts. We are sure they will stir many feelings in you and make you think of people very special to you.

friendship phrases

Love and Friendship Day is one of those days we all want to spend it with, whether it’s our love or our friends. Although this day is more representative for couples, that does not mean that friendship is left out.

This day of friendship is like that of few, it is immensely noble, selfless and has no limits, I thank life for having you by my side, and not only do I have your love but your unconditional friendship.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! To you my love, today will be an unforgettable day for both of us.To you my friends, never forget that I love you, I hope you have an unforgettable day with your loves. Thank you for being part of my life.

That is why I love you, because you are simple, because you know that the most important thing is what is in the heart and what is in my heart for you is the purest thing I have ever felt. I adore you, Happy Valentine’s Day.»

:: «Your love is the first flower that grows in spring, it has the freshness of the winds that caress my face on the walks we take on the beach, everything in nature reminds me of you, because you are pure and wild like itself».

short phrases of friendship

Regardless that there are recognized poets who have an enormous and innate facility of expression and beauty, there are anonymous poets who are not dedicated to this art but are the source of much of the beautiful phrases that we hear in daily life, also any person in a moment of inspiration is able to express themselves through a beautiful and original phrase.

If I bother you, I understand; if you don’t care about me, I understand; if you don’t have time for me, I understand; if you ignore me, I understand; if you get angry, I understand, but when you lose me, don’t ask whose fault it was, then it will be your time to understand.