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A que no me dejas is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno Laguillo for Televisa between 2015 and 2016 and aired on Canal de las Estrellas. It is the adaptation of the Mexican telenovela Amor en silencio original by Eric Vonn and Liliana Abud and produced by Carla Estrada in 1988. It is adapted by Martha Carrillo and Cristina García. It is directed by Lily Garza and Fernando Nesme. The production is divided into two seasons.

The first stage stars Camila Sodi and Osvaldo Benavides, with the antagonistic participation of Arturo Peniche, Alejandra Barros, Laura Carmine and Salvador Zerboni. Also starring Leticia Calderón, Alfonso Dosal, Cecilia Gabriela and Alfredo Adame.

The second stage stars Camila Sodi and Ignacio Casano, with Alejandra Barros, Laura Carmine, Salvador Zerboni and Brandon Peniche in the lead roles. It also stars Arturo Peniche, Erika Buenfil, César Évora and Cecilia Gabriela.

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Gonzalo’s pain of having two children in jail is very well handled. Also very sad was the death of Raquel surrounded by the people who loved her most, but here they made a savage editing, cutting the scene up to five times to intersperse it with other scenes. Another tearful scene was Tobias’ reconciliation with the parents who raised him and his grandfather Gonzalo.

The romance of the first season (as they insisted on calling it) had a lucid development for its three main characters: Camila Sodi, Osvaldo Benavides and Alfonso Dosal. The two actors, who had never starred before, showed poise and without hesitation gave life to the two lovers of the protagonist.

The second season had a more youthful feel and featured a good sample of Televisa’s new generation of actors: Ignacio Casano, Juan Pablo Gil, Ela Velden, Jade Fraser, Jaime de Lara, Natalia Ortega and Daniela Cordero. The new cast was supported by young actors with more acting experience such as Brandon Peniche and Adriano Zendejas.

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A story where despite the obstacles and betrayals, love manages to triumph, if not in the present at least in the hereafter and in future generations. This is a heartbreaking story where power, envy, selfishness and the desire for possession tragically mark the deep love between Paulina and Adrián, who in spite of it, manage to perpetuate their love through their daughter Valentina and their adored Mauricio.

This melodrama is divided into two stages, in each of which the obstacles for the love, first of Paulina and Adrián and later of Valentina and Mauricio, to triumph are recounted. The story begins with Paulina and Adrián declaring their love for each other and willing to go against their families in order to be happy. Paulina is the daughter of Gonzalo Murat, a rich hotel businessman who does not accept their courtship because he considers that Adrian is not up to their social standards. However, Paulina is really in love and this does not matter to her.

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If anyone has not yet seen the finale of the first season of ‘A que no me dejas’, please skip this section and go directly to the next if you do not want to be embittered by one of the key moments of the whole soap opera. That said.

The first season was marked by the romance between Paulina and Adrián. It was an atypical relationship. First, because we found it perfectly settled from the beginning. Second, because its development has been unconventional.

Now our attention is focused on Valentina, Paulina and Adrián’s daughter and her more than predictable romance with Mauricio. We have seen almost nothing yet, but we have enough telenovelas behind us to sense where the plot is headed.

Of Camila Sodi I can only say that, without reaching the tear-jerking ability of her aunt Thalia, she works quite well as the heroine. In addition, she seems to make an effort to differentiate Valentina as much as she can from what Paulina was and that is to be appreciated. As for Ignacio Casano, the mere fact of facing a role as a deaf-mute already deserves to be taken into account. And that has the flag very high because the actors who played this role in his childhood were absolutely sublime.