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For the purposes of notifications, the Customer’s address will be considered to be the one stated in the application for registration of the Service requested by the Customer, and the address of PEPEMOBILE S.L, Avenida de Bruselas 38; 28108, Alcobendas (Madrid), incorporated on March 9, 2007 with C.I.F B-85033470 and registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid in Volume 24,019, Book 0, Folio 108, Section 8, Page M-431409 and Inscription 10.4 RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL.

The customer may use a model form, without being obligatory, for written communication; addressed to the attention of: PEPEMOBILE S.L. with address at Avenida de Bruselas 38; 28108, Alcobendas (Madrid) and CIF: B-85033470. In which it is stated for the record that the contracted service is cancelled, indicating the date of the conclusion of the contract, as well as the name, address, signature of the service holder and date of request. This communication must be made before the established deadlines are met, in order for it to become effective.

The provisions of the preceding paragraphs shall not apply when the temporary interruption is motivated by any of the following causes:It shall be understood that an interruption of service has occurred in an area affected by a subscriber when any of the following circumstances occur:In any case, the information referred to in the preceding cases may not involve the processing of location data.


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you find the perfect Mobile and Internet at home tariff: The UNLIMITED pair.  It’s at Pepephone and it’s a combo of optical fiber with 600 MB symmetrical, 1 mobile line with unlimited calls and 42GB of accumulable data on your smartphone, for only 48.90€/month. How do you stay?

With a 600MB optical fiber at home, 42GB on your mobile and unlimited calls nothing can go wrong… or can. That’s why in case of any technical failure in your fiber that we are able to detect, we will compensate you with 10GB free daily on your mobile until the incident is resolved.

And if this tariff has won you over, but there is a month when you need more data on your mobile, you will only have to pay an additional 19.90€ and you will convert your 42GB into unlimited gigabytes during that month.  Activate and deactivate your unlimited bonus whenever you want.


2 CONTRACTUAL MODIFICATION These Terms and Conditions may be modified by PEPEPHONE when there is a change in the Service, in the applicable conditions and rates or in the applicable regulations in force. Such modification shall be notified to the competent bodies in the matter at least ten (10) days in advance, and to the Customer one (1) month in advance of the entry into force of the same, who may terminate the contract, without penalty for this reason, in case of non-acceptance of the new conditions. The communication to the Customer will be made at least through PEPEPHONE’s web page, www.pepephone.com, or alternatively by SMS, and all this without prejudice that the Customer may request that the communication is made by any available means. The continuation of the use of the Service by the Customer after the communication of the modification shall be considered as acceptance of the modification. The Customer undertakes to communicate to PEPEPHONE any change in the data of the contract, especially changes in the data corresponding to the billing address and the bank account for direct debit of payments.

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To make a complaint, in addition to the above, you can also do so in the following ways: By writing to our registered office at Avenida de Bruselas, 38 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid). Through the

Maslife Store, where we have complaint forms so you can leave us your request. If you are a natural person and you have previously complained to Pepephone about data protection, you can access the

If you have any problem with your tariff or your Customer Area, Pepephone will be ready to help you from the first moment. If you are in Italy and you discover that your data does not allow you to upload that picture of the Colosseum to your social network, you can also call us at (+34) 634 501 212 for the same cost as a national call from any other country.