La voz a la carta telecinco

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After the success of the sixth edition of La voz -the first on Antena 3-, on October 30, 2019 Pablo López and Antonio Orozco confirmed, during their visit to El hormiguero, that they would repeat as coaches in the seventh edition of the program -the second on Antena 3-. Days later, on November 7, Laura Pausini also went to El hormiguero, where she confirmed to be the 3rd coach of the program. After that announcement, Pablo Motos, host of the program, showed a video in the program where Alejandro Sanz was presented as the 4th coach, thus completing the team of coaches of The Voice 2020.

The Voice format was devised by John de Mol, creator of Big Brother, and differs from other singing talent contests because it consists of choosing from a group of contestants -of different ages- those who stand out for their vocal qualities without their image influencing the decision of the jury, composed of well-known artists who subsequently direct their academic training. The objective of this format is to try to find the best voice of our country.


«Stop working in TV that destroys your family».  This is the title of a devastating letter, full of irony, that Jorge Javier Vázquez has written to Rocío Flores. The Mediaset presenter has shared an acid reflection on the presence of the daughter of Antonio David Flores in Telecinco, a channel that on more than one occasion has been the victim of his attacks.

«I am compungido. I see you from time to time in ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ and I suffer. Because I imagine what it must be like to work in a network that destroys your family», begins saying the host of ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Secret Story’.

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The crisis of advertisers of «La Noria» which called into question the television model of Telecinco giving rise, among other consequences, to the cancellation of programs such as «Resistiré, vale?» and «Enemigos Intimos» and which perhaps has led the television of Fuencarral to look for formulas to find the key to return the splendor to the channel.

The cancellation of the programs hosted by Tania LLasera and Santi Acosta was accompanied by the end of «Vuélveme Loca», as well as the creation of a more serious format for prime time,

With this new «ace up its sleeve», the network will test whether the remake of «Tengo una carta para ti» works and opens the way for a new generation of softer content on the network to try to regain lost audience share and regain the trust of the brands.

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Rocío Carrasco has taken another step in her new life. After starring in the docuseries Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive and while preparing the second installment, the daughter of ‘the greatest’ has signed up for Sálvame to become the new defender of the audience. Meanwhile, rumors are growing about the production of a possible documentary in which Rocío Flores will answer to her mother.

The protagonist has denied this news, but the truth is that negotiations with Unicorn have existed and, at this point, it is worth asking what role Telecinco is willing to play in this dangerous game that has turned the Fuencarral facilities into a powder keg.

The ‘war’ of producers in Mediaset since the broadcasting of the docuseries is evident. While Sálvame defends Antonio David and closes ranks around Rocío Carrasco, in El programa de Ana Rosa there have been collaborators questioning even her suicide attempt, Rocío Flores has been hired as a collaborator and now her producer intends to give her a voice in a new format similar to the one in which her mother has starred.